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Now -a -day's garage is also being illegally taken possession
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahboob Ali,e-mail:pipulbd@gmail.com

Unfortunate that now -a -day's garage is being illegally taken possession in the name of Society of Apartment. For instance, a project of Amin Mohammad Foundation Green Repose at Dhanmondi, Road:4,House:27 ,Dhaka though each clients purchase garage in 1998 at the cost of Tk. 2 lac extra payment . But despite taking regular payment by the Apartment owners society-Green repose of the Apartment for Tk.4,500/- each month and in the name of renovation charging Tk.21,000/- after some years. Those who purchase one garage but now have 2/3 cars they manage executive members of the Society of the apartment. Here oligoloistic nature of cartel is going on. In the name of society showing their political influence they are taking possession of the garage, narrowing the spaces and illegally giving rent through creating new garage in the name of the Apartment society. If this sort of things happens, then this is a real problem for the society. Earlier we have seen people captures land, canal now in Dhaka city garage is also being taken illegal possession. Before purchasing of new cars, owners should arrange a separate garage. Amin Mohammad Foundation should also demark the area of garage at the time of handover in the year 2000. Govt. should make rule those who are purchasing cars whether they have garage.

When on 18th July,2011 protest letter was sent by myself to the Secretary general of the Apartment society for informing our actual garage area as per the original plan (approved by Rajuk) and their changed garage area after taking unethical practices as well as demarcation of the garage , not to create illegal new garage as well as per constitution of the Society they can not do this, they can not violate original passed plan of Rajuk for the ground floor of the building- the secretary general did not give any reply. Rather on handwriting dated 4th August( letter type dated indicated 28.07.11) they delivered a back dated decision of executive committee of 9th July ,2011 informing that they held a meeting of the executive committee and for saving eleven thousand taka they have created and gave rent of six garages.

Now even from the left side of the lift due to car one can not easily go to the stair case or lift of the 2nd building. Even in night and morning when one want to entry in the house and go out from the building will feel that entire ground floor is a place of garage and common place one can not even walk as it is mostly occupied by the society illegally for garage purpose and narrowed down purchased garage for which they are not informing actual place of garage as for purchasing garage every one has to pay equal amount. Here executive members of the society are in a deal irrespective of party affiliation cartel and syndication system. Society can not change passed plan of the ground floor by the Rajuk but they did it illegally and unethically, help some greedy persons and create unhealthy situation. Is the society or executive committee out of rule of law of the country?